About Us

About Us

Internet is every where. And so are humans, things, ideas and government. Internet of things is not just a logical next step in technological progress but also a need of the hour due to increasingly complex interactions among the human beings.

The idea of Mittutop was conceived due to a necessity . That necessity is that man wants to do more in life but runs short of time due to increasing demands of modern life-style. Smarthome+ is positioned to be a enabler of clean and efficient life-style, be it a single individual or a family.

At the same time, one of the primary goals of Mittutop is to create products that lead to some positive impact on environment and results in saving of resources like water, power and fuel.

There are many other innovative products in planning and they are being developed with a hope that each such step will make a positive difference in a man’s life.

Career Opportunities

Join Kolumn and get yourself an identity for a lifetime. Kolumn constantly infuses fresh blood into its system and this pioneering effort has done wonders for us. We are a bunch of young , talented and dynamic souls.Join us and give your career the boost it deserves.

Email at jobs@mittutop.com

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