Eco Kit 

Eco kit is a set of devices that can used to monitor the home environment for LPG gas leakage, Smoke and air quality. The eco kit devices can connect to the common mSAfe gateway and works with mSafe app.

  • Devices include Smoke detector, LPG gas detector and Flood water detector
  • Siren alert for smoke and lpg gas
  • Mobile app for activate and de-activate device
  • 433 Mhz internal antenna for extended range
  • Test button for reset and LED indicators for alarm
  • Extended battery life



Ecokit – Multisensor

This multisensor is an all-in-one environment detector with the following features:

  • Connect to your home and office Wi-Fi without specific gateway
  • Control the device from anywhere at any time by your smartphone (iOS & Android)
  • Detect various parameters such as humidity, temperature, VOC, noise, illumination, etc.
  • Other elements of detection will be added in the future through external plug-in
  • Compact size and elegant design

Input Power: 5V 1 A