Q. I insert the SIM card in the panel, but it doesn’t work?

Please make sure the SIM card is in GSM network, not CDMA. Please make sure the PIN code is unlocked by cell phone. When you insert the SIM card, the GSM indicator flashes once in second, it’s searching the network. If it flashes twice in seconds, means the GSM signal is received. If the GSM signal is abnormal, please try to change a new SIM card, or change a place.

Q. RF frequency & GSM frequency

app alarm systems are all wireless with radio frequency 315Mhz or 433Mhz. GSM alarm systems are applicable for universal, with GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900Mhz.

Q. Tamper

Tamper protection protects the control panel or device from being opened or removed from it’s mounting surface. For control panel, a tamper switch protects it from any removal attempts away from the bracket.

Q. Can the alarms work with wireless or wired accessory from other manufacturers?

Wired accessory can work with Mittutop alarm panel if it has wired input interface. While wireless accessories from other manufacturers is not compitable with Mittutop alarm panel since they are in different working mode.

Q. How can I receive an alert message and call?

Please store the notice phone numbers first. When there is an alert, the panel will send SMS and call to them by order with 3 rounds until the panel is disarmed.

Q. How many zones?

The system can support 50pcs wireless sensors, one sensor one zone, totally 50 zones. The first connected accessories is in zone 1, the second is in zone 2, and so on.

Q. Can I know the IMEI code of GSM module of the system?

Send SMS of “*#06#” to the sim card number in the panel.

Q. Home Mode

1. Please follow the manual to set the jammers of accessory on circuit board.
2. Press home mode button on panel keypad or remote control, or set by SMS or Apps
3. The result is that all the sensors in normal zone are armed except those accessories which are disarmed so that you can move freely at home.

Q. How many accessories an alarm system can support?

GO2 can support up to 50pcs sensors and 10pcs remote controls.A8 can support up to 60pcs sensors. GO2 supports up to 40pcs sensors including remote controls.

Q. What’s the maximum range an alarm system can cover?

The transmitting range vary in different environment.Usually,control panel can receive signal from detectors within 200 square meters range in an ordinary house.It is recommended to install the panel in living room(open space) as wall and appliance will block signal.

Q. How GSM alarm system make alert notice?

Insert a normal GSM SIM card into the card slot in the panel and store alarm numbers. When accessory detects emergency, the panel and siren will hoot and users can receive alert messages and calls.

Q. Entry/Exit Delay

In order to leave enough time to exit/enter your house without triggering the sensors, you can set certain delay time for the system.

Q. What does Apps use for?

Apps brings more convenient operation via smartphone. You don’t need to remember the commands. The simple user interface can help you to control the system anywhere and anytime.

Q. How to download the GO2 Apps?

Please input the keyword GO2 and download the Apps from the Google Play or Apple Store.


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