Security Mobile Alerts Chennai

Security Mobile Alerts

Security Mobile Alerts Chennai

For Security alerts, Mobile apps are widely used in home automation devices. Get instant security mobile alerts chennai to your mobile by using Kolumn Smart home device. With the help of mobile app you can arm and disarm your device, watch live streaming of camera footage and keep complete control of your home.

While technology is continually changing, most applications are good with iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets, and other web-empowered devices. Regardless of whether you need essential controls or finish home automation, you can read about the alternatives below to locate the correct app and security service for you. Get Kolumn smart home security device and get complete home security alerts to your mobile at any place, any time.

Types of Security Mobile Alerts:

Here are some of the types of alerts you can receive to your mobile by using Kolumn Smarthome security devices.

  1. Door Sensor Alerts
  2. CCTV Camera Alerts
  3. Fire Safety Alerts
  4. Gas Sensor Alerts
  5. Temperature Alerts
  6. Power Control Alerts

Kolumn Smart home security mobile help will help customers to experience the latest technology in home automation and security. It offers more than cable, internet, and phone services. The device helps to switches On and Off your household devices like Light and other electronic devices. Gives instant alert when some one lock or unlock doors. Makes live video footage from camera to your mobile device.

  • Door – Lock & Unlock
  • Live Video Streaming from home
  • Arm/disarm devices
  • Controlling Home Appliance
  • Monitor/set custom notifications/alerts
  • Check out Home security alert history

Looking for Security Mobile Alerts Chennai? Kolumn Smart home turns your home into a smart home and helps you to stay connected with your family. Further enhance your home through add-on sensors and innovative products in the home automation. For more information, Please contact us: Mobile: +91 7397345300 / 7397345301 | Email: