Smart Home Security

How to maintain your Home Security System

Smart Home Security

Increase the life expectancy of your alarm systems, and guarantee insurance coverage, with regular maintenance. Technologies such as home automation are extending the life of security systems.

Discussing technology options with a qualified security provider can help you navigate all of the available options. In addition, preventative check ups can help keep your system in peak operating condition for years to come.

Professional Maintenance

Security equipment should be checked annually by a professional. Best vendors will offer a maintenance package along with your service contract. When a professional comes to assess the state of your system, they will:

  • Check to see that batteries are functioning properly.
  • Ensure that transmitted signals are being received by the monitoring center.
  • Perform controlled tests on panic buttons.
  • Check to see that sensors have not come loose.
  • Repair any damaged or malfunctioning parts of the system.


In the middle of yearly check ups, test your security frameworks yourself routinely. More established frameworks ought to be checked about like clockwork, while more up to date frameworks can be checked like clockwork. Simply make sure to tell your supplier preceding running a test, with the goal that they don’t coincidentally dispatch crisis bolster.

Traditional and Wireless Security Systems

Both conventional security frameworks and remote security frameworks depend on batteries. The batteries inside your security board ought to be changed by and large every three to five years. Since security framework models and batteries shift definitely, it is a best practice to approach your merchant for a prescribed course of events.

Video Surveillance

Your video observation cameras can likewise utilize standard support. Cleaning of cameras guarantees an unmistakable picture and continuous nourish. Just, tidy the camera, and clean the focal point with a screen or focal point wipe and more clean.

Create calendar reminders for yourself to ensure that regular maintenance of your systems is fulfilled. The maintenance of your systems is just as important to your safety as initial installation.