In this day and age where children have never seen a rotary phone and cellphone use is the norm, everything is going wireless, including home security systems. Wireless security systems have several great advantages, like being easier to install and usually without much hardware.

Wifi Camera:

The WiFi Camera  is a cloud based video monitor that helps you to stay connected to your home, people and pets. It enables you to view the real time video and also hear the voice on the other side. The built-in HiFi microphone and speaker ensure high-quality two-way audio communication, and the industrial-grade SONY image sensor renders sharp video footage round the clock. Together with mSAFE Smart security Kit, you get to enjoy a smart and secure home effortlessly and affordably.


Traditional security systems are plugged into the wall and connected to the telephone line. With a wireless security system, your home will continue to be monitored without the phone and power lines. This is because wireless systems use cellphone frequencies and run on batteries that are designed to last between three and five years.

Instant Alerts

One incredible element of remote home security system is having the capacity to interface with your system and checking administration on the web or through your cell phone and tablet. At the point when a caution is activated, you will got moment warning right alongside crisis faculty.

Interactive Monitoring

If you connect your cellphone or tablet to your wireless home surveillance system, you can also monitor the system yourself. You can watch live video feeds from each video camera you have set up in your home. Inside cameras are great for monitoring caregivers to ensure your loved ones are treated with respect while you are away.

Home Automation

Home automation is a really cool feature that is quickly gaining in popularity. Connected through your wireless security system and interfaced through your mobile device, home automation lets you lock doors, turn on or off lights, and arm and disarm your security system.

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