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Wireless intrusion alarm system that works with GSM technology and protect home users from 6 types of threats


GO2 is a GSM/SMS home alarm system that can eliminate more than 6 types of threats - Intrusion, Trespassing, Fire, Gas leaks, Glass breaks and Elders security. Through SMS text messages or smart phone app commands, users have complete control over and secured access to their home alarm system. 50 sensors/zones can be easily renamed on the smart phone app. If something comes up, you will know immediately which area of your smart home is detecting human movements. The GO2 can be used as a regular house phone or for remote listening in, and stores up to 5 smartphone and text message numbers.


Power Supply: DC 12V 500 mA Battery: 3.7V 600 mAh Li- ion Battery GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Expandable Accessories: 10 Remote Controls, 50 Sensors Radio Frequency: 433 MHz Control Panel Dimensions: 125 x 150 x 30mm (L x W x H)

mSAFE Smart Security Kit – GSM/SMS


A GSM/SMS based smart security system that is elegantly powerful and also easy to use. mSafe guards against intruders through SMS text messages, phone calls and a LOUD ALARM.

The devices delivered by our Home Security in Chennai are charming design and a user-friendly front panel that is responsive to human touches.


It operates through a SIM card, and it can be fired up via an SMS text message or smartphone app command. It can operate along with 30 sensors wirelessly and does not require any special installation process.

Some other features include two-way talk, pre-recorded messages, system status messages for power down, power back up and low batteries.

It is ideal for residences, commercial establishments, offices and factories.

Real-Time Alerts –

The GO2 stores up to five phone numbers. When the alarm system is triggered, you will get a call and a message. You will also get system status messages for power down, power back up and low batteries.

Strength in Numbers
mSafe kit GO2 supports up to 5 emergency phone numbers and 5 text message numbers. When an alarmed event goes off, alerts will go out to them in succession to ensure proper action is being taken.



A smart security system, that is robust and provides peace of mind through strong security features. Smart home security in chennai offers mSAFE Smart security. It is directly connected to the WIFI router and operated with the help of Mobile applications. Add Wireless accessories and sensors to the device directly upon your Smartphone application anytime.

More number of customized features such as adjusting the siren time and volume,sensor addition or deletion, entry and exit delays, and large number of settings can be done with few taps and swipes on your phone. mSafe WIFI system is more ideal for small shops, SOHOs and for residences.


 Real-time Notification –

When the AW1 is triggered, it goes off loud, formidably so. The system will also send you push notifications in real time, so you are always in the know no matter where you are.

As Easy As 123

Who knew security could be this sexy? With no wires and no fuss, the AW1 is a smart system that will grow on you and grow with you. From door/window contacts and PIR motion sensors to flood, gas and smoke detectors, everything is wireless and will go wherever you want them to with 3M tapes, turning your security reinforcement into a fun DIY project.


The WiFi Camera is a cloud based video monitor that helps you to stay connected to your home, people and pets. It enables you to view the real time video and also hear the voice on the other side!

The standard HiFi Microphone and its speaker ensures best quality audio communication in two ways, Sharpe video footage are rendered with industrial grade SONY image sensor. You are going to enjoy a more smart and secure home affordably and effortlessly by our Smart home security in chennai.


Coverage Day and Night, Super Wide Angle

Equipped with high caliber image sensor along with a wide – angle 5 megapixel lens and Chuango IP116 provides a unbeatable video quality and field of view in the DIY Space, rendering more clear visual evidence and confirmation even in low light conditions.

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